Docker Compose spec
Laundry symbols


QR codes • QR codes are really cool


lucy • silly calculator
password • custom password generator
X's fractal • mandelbrot generator (not mine)


videos • silly videos I've collected
toast • css-based implementation of After Dark's Flying Toasters screensaver • Port number generator, previously hosted at
Firefox Base64 Tools • my first Firefox extension



outlinks • super simple ephemeral file sharing service • my preferred burner email service • avatar generation playground • a bunch of cool stuff. i really like Space Elevator • rock paper scissors lizard spock • a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions • A massive list of products and services that are completely free • a web-based photo and graphics editor that supports PSD (and looks like photoshop) • image upscaler that works really well • super fast DNS troubleshooting tool • a sampling of every music genre • draw all roads in a city
Nightdrive • a JavaScript simulation of driving at night time on the motorway


Scale of the Universe • interactive experience to learn about the scale of our universe
A Universe of Sound • a sonification project by NASA to translate our universe to sound
Sounds of Space • listen to objects from our solar system (and black holes)
Apollo in Real Time • a real-time journey through the Apollo missions